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Are you interested in studying German translation?

Want a professional translation qualification to prove your capabilities and boost your professional profile as a translator?

I've searched worldwide to find relevant courses.

Here you'll find:

  • Undergraduate & postgraduate programs in German
  • Undergraduate & postgraduate programs in translation studies
  • And for those of you already with a degree or looking for an alternative route into a translation career,  courses for professional translation certification.

The German to English translation online directory is organised by geographical region and gives details about the type of courses each institution provides.

As you might expect, institutions offering courses in German translation tend to be based in German or English-speaking countries.

Therefore this directory focuses on North America, the Commonwealth countries, and Europe.

Don't see your institution listed here in the German to English translation online directory? Just drop me a quick line and I'll be delighted to add it.

Professional certification

A degree in German or German translation from a respected educational institution is a great basis for a career in translation.


  • maybe you already have a degree in another subject?
  • or you don't fancy the time and expense of going back to university again?
  • or you've already notched up experience working in translation and want to get these skills officially recognised?

The German to English translation online directory also includes organizations offering other routes to professional translation qualifications.

One good example is the  Diploma in Translation offered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK.

The Institute doesn't require you to take any official courses  – you "just" have to pass their exam. (But I do recommend practising past papers at the very least!)

Prepatory courses for professional translation qualifications are offered by universities as well as private language teaching organizations:

Professional courses in German translation

Diploma in Translation

The Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation

Find institutions worldwide offering undergraduate, postgraduate or professional German translation courses with this German to English translation online directory of translation courses.

Diploma in Translation Preparatory Courses

(Coming soon...

- Courses leading to German translation qualifications in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

- The American Translators' Association ATA certification program..

And here are details about which European institutions are members of the European Master's in Translation network.

Whatever the route you choose, getting professional qualifications in German translation will require time and effort. So its worth exploring all the options in advance.

An important port of call will be your local professional language translation association, the body which represents professional translators and interpreters in your country.

Some, like the UK's Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), offer their own professional certification.

All these associations provide guidance and information on working in the profession, and their membership requirements should give you a good idea of the level you should be expected to work at if you plan on a career in German translation.

Calling all qualified German translators!

Have you taken a degree or professional qualification in German and/or translation?

Has it helped your translation career? Would you recommend your program to others?

Your input is an invaluable resource to anyone considering studying German and/or translation.  As a "Thank You" for letting us know your thoughts, I'll be rewarding helpful entries with a reciprocal link to your professional website, or even an interview!

Please use the contact box below:

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