German English SMS glossary

by Mona

Hi Joanna

Loved your SMS-glossary. I only knew HDL from my niece. Did you translate your examples yourself or do you know about an SMS dictionary German-English? I´d love to surprise my family with one!

Best regards,


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German to English Dictionary of SMS Language
by: Joanna

Hi Mona

I put together the German-English list of SMS language and abbreviations on my website myself, picking out the most popular and widely used expressions I've come across over the years. I had also rather assumed the list could be much, much longer, but I am amazed not to be able to recommend you a good German to English dictionary of SMS language.

I did find Duden's Von HDL bis DUBIDODO: (K)ein Wörterbuch zur SMS by Peter Schlobinski on Amazon, which sounds perfect, but it's out of print - you might be able to get a second hand copy.

The closest I've managed to get is Hä?? Jugendsprache unplugged 2011, published by Langenscheidt, which claims to offer authentic translations of teen slang into American and British English (also French and Spanish). Whether SMS language is included is unclear.

Szene Sprachen Wiki ( is a German website run by the German dictionary publishers Duden with a database of recent "in" terms drawn from all walks of life. Visitors are invited to submit new terms and this forms the basis for Duden's hardcopy version Duden - Das neue Wörterbuch der Szenesprachen which Amazon sells. Some SMS abbreviations are included - it recognised HDL but not LIDUMINO - but that's not its primary focus.

There's also the SMS-Handy-Guide: Sprüche, Rätsel, Tips: Mehr SMS Speicher, Witze, SMS-Kürzel by Andreas Nowak. It's definitely aimed at a German audience and does include 5 pages of SMS abbreviations (no translation), but you may not think it worth the price for your needs.

Looks like I shall have to extend my SMS abbreviation list and make it the definitive German to English dictionary SMS language resource on the web!


Thank you!
by: Mona

Dear Joanna,

Thank you so much for your fantastic information. You gave me a great overview and many threads I´ll follow up. I´ve already ordered a few books, which actually will end up in the odd Christmas stocking ;-)

So thanks a million for your great support and if there´s anything I can do in return, please let me know!

Best regards from Donegal,


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