Translating older German hand-writing

by Gerard Alexander
(Washington, D.C.)


I have maybe a dozen letters written in German -- most typed, but some hand-written in the old-style German script -- written by my German-Jewish great-grandmother when she was in hiding during World War II. Paper was in short in supply, so some of the hand-writing is very cramped. I'd like to have them translated into English.

I also have a relatively brief official document also from my family during the same period, mostly printed but with hand-written notations.

I'd appreciate any advice on finding a translator capable of working with the hand-written script as well as the language.

Thanks in advance,
Gerard Alexander

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by: Joanna

Hi Gerard
What a fascinating translation that would be!
If you can contact me again via my contact form on the website (shows me your email address) then we can discuss the job in more detail.
Best regards

same thing?
by: Anonymous

About 30 years ago (back in the '80s)ago a friend of mine asked me to help him empty his parent's home.
They were a German-Jewish couple that had to fled Germany in the 30's.
I was just studying German (completed only basic course) so I took all the German books, some of them old enough to be in Gothic!
My favorite one is "Die Nibelungen-Sage" 1921 Edition.
Perusing thru those books I found a sheet of paper handwritten in what seemed to me Hebrew characters.
Being a Jewsih family I assumed it was Yiddish.
I took it to a person who knew the language and she told me "That is NOT Yiddish!"
"OK" I said to myself "it must be Hebrew".
I took it to another person and he told me "This is not Hebrew, but I can recognize two words here"
So I went home, drew a grid, numbered each letter, took the verbal equivalences of the Hebrew alphabet and , starting from thos two words, discovered that it was PLAIN GERMAN written with hebrew characters in order to avoid Nazi censorship.
Maybe this can help.
Cheers everyone.
Horacio (from Buenos Aires)

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