Help with a German phrase for a tattoo

by Jim
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Hello Joanna.
I came across your website after looking and looking for German translation help. Essentially, I am Scandinavian and German. I have paid homage to both with artwork on my body.

I am wanting to get a phrase placed on my arm that says, essentially, "Be mindful of the beast within".

The significance for me, is that this is how I maintain my sobriety, by keeping the beast within caged and not tempting him to come out. The words will be integrated into the image of a Wolf.

The last of my German relatives who could have helped me with the translation have passed, so I am need help.

Google is many wonderful things but when it comes to putting something permanent on my body, I would rather not trust Google Translator.

Can you help?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

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by: Joanna

Hi Jim

Thanks for your query.

I tried Google Translate, out of interest, and came back with:

"Achte auf das Biest in dir" - literally, watch out for the beast in you.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a perfectly good translation, but admittedly the German does lack the poetry of the English "mindful" and "within".

Please note, I'm a native English speaker and translate from German to English, so there may be a more poetic or flowery German equivalent of which I'm not aware, perhaps involving an "innerer Schweinehund" - one's weaker self.

As the translation is for a permanent tattoo, you might want to check with a German native speaker, perhaps via an online German community platform, or similar?

Would love to see a photo of the end result! ;-)

Best regards


Thank you
by: Jim

I hope that others weigh in and help out. I appreciate your help too, thank you!

How does this read????
by: Jim

Vorsicht Vor Deinem Inneren Biest

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